5 Reasons Everyone Should Own A Pug


1) Pugs Are Royalty 

The Pug is considered an Oriental breed with ancestral ties to the Pekingese and perhaps the Shih Tzu. With a history predating 400 B.C., the modern Pug remains a good companion dog. From Tibet, the breed was introduced to Japan, then Europe, where it became a favorite in many royal courts.

2) Pug make excellent apartment dogs

Absolutely! Pugs are small indoor dogs that don’t require a lot of room to run inside or outside, making them ideal for apartment dwellers.

3) Pugs Are Great With Children 

A thousand times yes! Pugs are among the most gentle and passive breeds of all. They will tolerate the prodding of a child, are not known to nip or bite and are quite protective of the family and home.


4) Pugs love attention

Pugs are people dogs. They like, and some say need to be around people in order for them to be truly happy. They don’t bark or jump up and down on you however, so a Pugs need of people basically shows itself in where you’ll find your Pug…At your feet, on your lap or quietly following you around. It’s one of their greatest charms! They are truly a persons best friend!

5) There are so many awesome products that represent the Pug Life!

Pugs make for hilarious fun and enjoyment. Checkout our line of popular pug apparel that will certainly brighten up your wardrobe. There has never been a better time to represent the Pug Life. 

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