Waving Pug Wiper Cover

This amusing pug wiper cover is the perfect gift for anyone who loves pugs and wants to show it off to the world.

This standard size wiper cover fits on the back of most cars with a rear windshield.

Linda, one of  our pug moms from Ohio just LOVED it on the back of her Pug mobile!

This wiper cover is made from lightweight plastic that will never warp or fade. 

The decal is printed with eco-friendly, vibrant inks with rain guard technology. Keeping this pug sticker looking new the entire time you keep it on your car.

Very easy to install using patented LOCK strips which enable the cover to be detached and interchanged.  

WiperCovers lock on tightly, and will not come off while the vehicle and wipers in motion. They can only be removed when you're ready to detach them.

Approximate measurements:

Pug Decal: 10" x 10"

Paw WiperCover: 10" x 3.5"

Please Note: This special price of only $29.99 is our promotional pre-order price and will increase once we hit full production. This pre-order wiper cover will ship in approximately 7 days from the United States.

Free shipping worldwide when you order 2 or more!


  1. Clean and dry rear window and wiper thoroughly
  2. Attach waving paw to wiper 
  3. Attach decal backing