Pug Puppy Poster

This Pug Puppy Poster is a MUST-HAVE!

Home decoration is tedious and boring. Instantly improve your home decor with this Pug Puppy Poster. This poster addition will surely make all your neighbors jealous as it will make a statement in any room.

Printed on smooth acid-free matte paper using superior the inks and colors it is surely made to never fade. Simply store it out of direct sunlight and you can enjoy this image for many years.

Select from two different size options 

  • 18 x 24 
  • 24 x 26

Lauren D.
I really love this and I love the website. I wanted to get it framed but the pricing was a bit much for me!! I would buy more fire sure!! Thank you Is there are spot to post our pictures of our pugs???
renee m.
The pics were great both the poster kind and the canvas one. Also my pug phone cases are both very good quality. I have been asked several time where I got them and I let them know "Passionate Pug" of course!
Amy H.
Loved it so much I bought both colors!!